About Us

Narjis Enterprise is the ultimate way out for reliable and personalized matchmaking online matrimonial services that we have created completely and for the peace of user’s mind. The possessor is able to find, update, add, delete, and modify their profiles from the database. The script is wholly revolutionized so the way Indian brides and bridegrooms get together for wedding ceremony.


This one is the most salient preference if you're in search of a professional matrimonial website. We engaged ourselves to put maximum numbers of features by which you can access countless benefits. Hence, for yours seek to begin your online matrimonial website, Matrimonial Script php is the best alternative for you.


The script will be accessible to you to run your own professional matrimony website within few hours. We suggest the scripts to you high quality PHP Matrimonial Script has been motivating webmasters to debut their new gainful online matrimony services. This is a very influential online matrimonial script that we have developed. User can add, remove and vary descriptions, upload images and photos.


It is one of the most trendy services on the web is matrimonial profile posting and partner search websites. It has become essential that you provide these functionalities on your website. This is the only opportunity for you to deliver these services to the vast audience of match-seekers.

The matrimonial arrangement application allows potential brides and bridegrooms to put their profiles and search partner profiles for a cost. You can exploit the numerous advantages by whatever delivered by our efforts for the work of its functions.